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Be very careful who you assume doesn't know what to look for.

Those that can - do
Those that can't - become consultants

The NSS numbers over state attendance by 50% over most other cities having Milb-A level ball. This is the number Mandalanta has to overcome.
If they want to proceed they have to come up with the funding to build the stadium at no cost to taxpayers.
Yeah, I know I've heard the stories already from Terry & you.
Borrowing costs are at an all time low so it should pose no problem for Atlanta (or Atlanta and a consortium of partners) to build this stadium. Business wise there are no impediments to Atlanta doing this. They have the money, the credit line, and the business acumen to make this work. They can keep all the revenue and just pay property taxes to the city and county.
Yes I'm aware that the city can raise the revenue required through taxation. The question is why WON'T Atlanta do it? Think about this Duke - think HARD.
If this was SUCH a great investment why won't Atlanta (and friends) fund it? The answer is quite simple really. They don't see the attendance and other uses generating enough revenue to justify "private only" funding. That's Business 101 Duke.
From our taxpayer standpoint - we ALSO see this as an attendance issue. We wonder why NSS thinks our interest is so much greater than other cities when our past indicates a much LOWER interest in actually going to games. Waves/Roosters ring a bell? But you don't understand OUR side Duke because you're not a city taxpayer. We are currently paying $0.37 per $100 of valuation and you are asking for it to INCREASE a whopping 10% of the current rate (your number -estimated 3 cent increase). This so Atlanta can make 18% profit? We don't trust the NSS numbers, sorry Duke. Why? Because:
Those that can - do
Those that can't - become consultants

And those that should comment on this are the ones that will be paying for it - and that DOES NOT include you.

Oh I see it Duke - I see it very clearly. I don't understand our push for baseball given our past failures.

By the way no number needed.......
How long a lease term should Atlanta have? I'm curious as to your take on this.

Best Regards


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