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All this money people think

All this money people think is going to be pouring in is just a pipe dream. You're counting on attendance numbers that are not going to happen. Wilmington has proven its disinterest in baseball before and this is just a gamble that Wilmington taxpayers cannot afford to make.

If you're counting on hotel sales to increase, you are deluding yourself. Anyone who would be interested in seeing a minor league baseball game are going to be fairly local. They will be withing driving distance and will be going home when the game is over. You might see some interest from tourists, but it will be as another thing to do while they are here. I just don't see anyone planning a vacation around watching a minor league team. The increase in hotel revenue from the opposing teams will not be enough to put a dent in things.

And as for those who might come as a day trip to see the game, you are counting on other people who won't come. You cannot count on the people from the southern parts of Brunswick and Columbus Counties to choose the Wilmington team over the Myrtle Beach team. The drive is probably a longer distance to see the Pelicans, but Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach have an excellent road system that makes the drive easier. And they don't have to deal with the gridlock like we get a lot of times between the river and Leland. And their roads won't mess up their alignment in their cars like the roads in Wilmington. Myrtle Beach's stadium is in an area that is surrounded by tourist attractions and the choices for dining near the stadium is a lot better than what is downtown in Wilmington. Not to mention that those who watch the Pelicans are a lot less likely to be mugged on the way to their cars after the game. And to be honest, there are a lot of people in these counties that just hate Wilmington and will not go there unless absolutely necessary.

I do have one question for you. When Bill Saffo was campaigning for his last re-election he himself said that Wilmington cannot afford a taxpayer funded stadium. Is there some stack of money that magically appeared between then and now that enables Wilmington to be able to afford it now?


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