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As an ex-smoker.......

I know this is a tough subject.
On the one hand you've got the "this is a public place" crowd insisting it's a government intrusion in their lives.
On the other hand you've got legitimate concerns from people with kids second hand smoke etc etc etc...

To the smokers I say this: You brought this on yourself. By leaving millions of butts in the sand you provided the evidence needed to allow John Q Public, and the government officials to point the finger of blame squarely where it belonged - at YOU, the group who is now howling in "righteous indignation".
You ever heard of field stripping your butts? Putting them in the trash? Now you claim you're being picked on, and that YOU have every right to smoke where you want, when you want. sorry but in this case smokers should, and will lose.........

Best Regards


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