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smokeing ban

ok , this is getting out of hand here and takeing on our rights we have the right to buy the smokes and we have the right to pay the taxes fo them too . i dont think it there rights to tell us what we can do or cant, i dont drink beer or any boozze but i see budwiser bush , pbr , and yes miller cans on the beachs and i also see people fighting and driveing drunk , but i dont see them trying to slap a fin on them for littering , i also see kids haveing them little drinks in there hands and droping them on the beach and not picking them up .. but here is the kicker ,, i have seen in carolina beach and all the beachs they dont empty there trash cans but maybe one time a day ,, so if you going to ban smokeing then ban food and drinks to ,, if a law come to the beachs like this someone will file a law suite and will win over this , will the towns have that money to go to court over and over and over ,,,, think about it


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