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In response to what Vog46 said, I think there are more smokers out there who do field strip their cigs, extinguish them completely, then throw them out than he/she gave credit for. However, you are also right that too many of them are irresponsible. How about not making smoking illegal on the beach, but doing increased enforcement and heavier ticketing of those who are caught littering a cig on a beach? Plus hit those who litter cig butts onto the beach, with a higher fine?

It's a little harsh to pass a total smoking ban, when there are responsible smokers out there who do properly dispose of them. And also, why only go after smokers who litter cig butts, and also go after others who cause major litter probs on the beach, such as those who litter fast food bags/cups/wrappers/etc. on the beach, paper wrappers of various disposable products, etc? It's wrong to only go after smokers, when they are ridiculously scapegoated by anti-smoking groups and others because it's the in thing to do. Leave them alone, for the love of god.


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