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BadBoyBrianBerger....we call this news?

OMG. Are you guys really serious? I wonder how many other people were in that courtroom getting continences? What's so different and special abo Berger that we need to try and dig up something just because the man had a bout of temporary middle age insanity! I, a low income female, voted for Commissioner Berger, because from the very beginning,his campaign ads, which I might ad was that same, young ex-girlfriend, endorsing and pushing him down our throat, have stated that he was no politician, just a regular citizen. Well Commissioner, we the people voted you in, but yes lol you are just like anyone else! Honestly I am sure Commissioner #1 IS NOT the first of us to send an excessive amount of text messages to someone thats been a big part of your life......NOWHERE have I heard anything about the context of the texts, NOWHERE have I heard that he sent anything that would give justification of a restraining order, but im not a judge.
Now correct me if im wrong, but the police report, states that Catherine Blaylock was at the Commissioners residence when this transpired, but I could have sworn that it was reported by Starnews that she had moved out months earlier. Starnews, wect, wway get the scoop we want to know if she was in enough jeopardy to require a restraining order why was she at his home, alone to get a 50 ft cable and a box of junk? Just saying...
Also does someone want to report to the fact that while they say our commissioner violated his restraining order, he did so, while attending a meeting trying to get funding for Headstart, and never was in the same building, room, or presence of the protected ex-girlfriend. Sure hope they brought a jar of Vaseline when they picked him up, the next day.
And as for the statement that no fine upstanding citizen would run for office, well maybe if w had more joe smoes, like Commisioner Berger run, then our tax dollar maybe just a little less eagerly spent on breakfast, lunches, and banquets for the government and alot more under our control to see our kids get new books, our seniors get loving adequate care, our homeless shelter....Where can I pick a copy up of just what our government elected that we put in charge, are turning in for reinvestment?? Now that information is news!!


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