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The Catholic Church is going

The Catholic Church is going to make sure nothing ever happens to these guys. They spare no expense to find any legal loophole, and enforce a strong "Code Of Silence", among their priests. If necssary, they will threaten, or pay-off, the victim. Like hundreds of other cases, per year, this one was sucessfully snuffed out.

Great job Bishop Burbage, those folks in Philadelphia groomed you real well. How many smoothed-over "Silence Agreements" does it take to make Cardinal ?

And good luck to you, Fr Sepulveda, in your next assignment. Wherever in the world that is. Funny how you just popped-up, from "Columbia", just a few years ago. Not even a slight Google record of your existance, at all, after 15 years as a priest.

Heaven only knows where you'll pop-up again, and name you'll be using then.

But wherever it is, I'm sure, you'll make just as big a splash, as you did in Southeastern NC, and Columbia. Then again, maybe you'll take this as a lesson, and try not to be so sloppy next time.

The Pope may be proud of you guys, but Jesus is not. And Jesus will have the final word on this matter.


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