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Back Billing

There should come a time where CFPU would be held responsible for a portion of their part in the billing errors/ Granted the bills were created by the customers, however, the question is why wern't the meters being read by meter readers. How did they suddenly come to read them now? Did someone drop the ball at set up time when CFPU was created? I agree these bills need to be corrected however CFPU should absorb some of the loss as most customers were probably paying the bills sent to them without knowledge that errors had been made, according to this article, by all parties when setting up the CFPU Authority. Share the pain. I am aware of the short comings of CFPU as I stopped getting my bill after they took over and when I went to them I was told my account was current, which I knew was incorrect. I chose to pay them an amount equal to my average bill each month until they got it straight. When they thought they had it straight and I started getting bills, my first bill was for over 6 months until I produced receipts proving payment so everyone should share some pain in this fiasco, including CFPU.


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