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How can this hapen?

What's the problem here? Airlie didn't get a bill for four years and they never questioned it. At some point four years ago they were paying for water; they probably divided the last year's bill by 12 and got an average so they must have budgeted for it. Why didn't they question after three maybe four month of no bills? The same with the others who are suddenly billed after X number of years: Gee I wonder hay I haven’t had a water bill in several months? A couple of years ago I missed a bill--one month--since it came on the same day every month, I called up and asked for the bill. I didn't want to suddenly get a double bill. I'm not budgeted for a double bill. I have to pay over time on time. I certainly wouldn't have sat back and let the bills pile up for several months or SEVERAL YEARS!

Or is the CFPUA making all this up? Do they suddenly realize Hey we haven’t been billing this address for several years. I guess we'll demand an exorbitant back payment ALL AT ONCE!


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