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Agree. This project has been in the works for a long time. Going back earlier than many of the homes in the area. I don't feel sorry for anyone who didn't do their research before buying. The property records map on New Hanover County's website has shown the proposed path through those Ogden neighborhoods for as a long as I can remember. Bow Hunter Dr and Needlefish Ct are two examples of fairly new construction. A few minutes on the internet would have shown them that this thing is going run right up against their backyards.

Even if you skipped the internet search there are red flags that should have raised suspicions. Why are there no homes on Mass Ave? Why is there a landing strip looking break in the homes between Bow Hunter and Needlefish? These cookie cutter developments need to squeeze in as many homes as possible for profit, the fact that these areas were left alone should have been a warning.


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