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There is a point

What GuestV said is pretty heartless , however, emotions aside this person is making some sense. Officer Goodson did his part in providing a tip, the on-duty officer should have called for backup or more officers who already had the right equipment should have been sent out.
The question here is, why did only two officers (1 on duty and 1 off-duty) approach a known dangerous subject? Is this because Goodson called the on-duty officer personally or he called dispatch and they only sent 1 officer?

Something does not add up here and it looks like a chain of command was ignored; where two men were looking to split glory between themselves and a known violent criminal saw a way out of a not-so-intimidating situation. Now, a young woman is left without a husband and child to her father, a mother has lost her son, and a community is without a brave brother. Yes, GuestV, it seems Whiteville PD protocol needs some reviewing as this is a perfect example of what an officer should not do when he is off the clock and ill-equipped to assist his fellow officers ina dangerous situation. Although, you could have said it with some tact.


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