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how to prevent cyclist deaths

Your comment is right on some levels but pretty darn misguided on most. everything is not "class warfare"

First off, most of the careless biking I see is not poor (or nonpoor) people commuting, in general these people have enough common sense to stay out of harms way. The most at risk to be hit are those bikers who are mearly doing it as sport. I see them daily riding on Eastwood Rd in there little tour de France leotards completely ignoring the fact that there is a BIKE LANE 20 feet away from them. Do they have a right to be there? YES Is it smart for them to be there? NO. We all are tasked with doing whats smart to stay alive. I have a right to carry my gun in my waistband with the hammer cocked back but I don't do it because it's dumb. And BTW these are not poor commuters in fact they are often very far-off from being "poor".

FACT: Roads are dangerous. Big cars, disctracted drivers, heck this is a college town, I don't feel safe in my car half the time.

If you choose to ride down a busy road with no shoulder then you are taking a great risk. This is not to say drivers aren't at fault, because they sometimes are. But your statement that "drivers are always at fault" is categorically false. Bikers do dumb things too, and may ride out into a intersection giving a driver no time to react.

It is everyone's own resposibility to stay safe. I ride a bike often and I know this, I have to go out of my way to avoid distracted drivers constantly. but i have the common since to not ride down Oleander or Market St for sport.

You say the answer is "driver education" which is partially correct, but an even bigger life saver would be biker education. There will always be dangerous drivers, no matter what.


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