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I agree

"What a maroon" one of Bugs Bunny's favorite sayings - love it! People want to blame the driver of a vehicle because he/she is sitting behind a steering wheel of a potential accident waiting to happen. I don't live in Wilmington, of which I am grateful, but I do go there for appts and other reasons and I have seen some very dangerous bike riding! In the span of perhaps one hour or so, I watched a bike rider weaving in and out of moving traffic, one run a red light (which could have been catastrophic) and a few that looked like they were texting while riding (really stupid huh)???

A bike rider vs. a high powered auto will never end up on a good note. Yes, bicyclists have their rights to bike ride - and I appreciate your efforts to keep more autos of the road, but PLEASE drive like you have some common sense and like you would really like to see tomorrow come!


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