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Good for them

Both are good companies who truly are in the business for the right reasons unlike a certain TN company that runs a facility in Leland that has had so many questionable incidents involving injuries to adoloscents as well as potential medicaid abuse and fraud by their supposed Site Pyschiatrist who allowed one resident to go days without proper medical treatment causing permenant nerve damage because he refused proper emergency medical treatment and nearly cost another resident their life except for the nurses who called 911 anyway due to severe medication reaction the patient was suffering. Staff turnover is horrible and all they do is pump them full of medications in off label useage or using medications not approved for minors, but they dont care its all about the money and worse many state DSS agencies are involved in these borderline criminal acts whos solution is to pump kids full of anti-pyschotics like risperidal and others who have massive side effects simply because these kids dont have the proper coping mechanisms and because they are rebelling and in many times these children are being sold out by their parents who refuse to be parents and instead are sold a bill of crap that this PRTF is the solution in a situation that borders on a prisonlike atmosphere and in which many kids spiral downward and feel abandoned. If parents spent more times to being parents instead of dumping their children in institutions it would make a huge difference.


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