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When you live in the country,

Living in the country, places have more space between. Everywhere out here has distance. It is not like the city. So crime is going to be a bit tougher when it is spread out and the cops are not alway there to see. East Columbus High School is also on the long stretch of highway, they may keep an officer, but it still takes a good minute for people to get there. I think it goes back to home training, the parents should know where and what their children are doing, even at the high school age. And they should watch out for the gangs and such. Some parents just give up and don't pay attention until their child is locked for life for a stupid decision they made at the age of 15-18. I have a family member in another state who was involved in gangs, he did 4 years, he could have gotten more. Now Thank God he keeps his nose clean. Also, the schools are good, at least the teachers care about their students here, I for one have noticed the difference. When there are a smaller population of students, teachers and staff know them more. Wilmington and Brunswick County are really getting over populated.


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