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Police need to step up

If the Lake PD is "absolutely outstanding, with quality leadership and concerned officers" why do they continue to let things like this happen right under their noses? Crack down on these crowds and put an end to the lawlessness...period. It will only get worse before it gets better. Society continues to cater to such lawlessness and sorry individuals. Pickup a News Reporter and you'll see who's causing all of the problems in the county. It's the same repeat names over and over and over....probation, plea, intense probation (big deal), plea...probation and the cycle never stops. There needs to be a clear message hasn't been and won't be anytime soon, one reason I'll never raise my family in such a backwards area. I'm from Whiteville and it brings tears to my eyes and sickness to my stomach to see such a good area go bad. God bless and good luck.


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