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Gotta CHIP on your shoulder

Gotta CHIP on your shoulder about good wholesome TV shows of yesteryear 666? Sounds like a HUGE piece of tree bark to me. No are a piece of work, but will never get past Quality Control. That fictional wood shed you mention...that never even came to pass on the Andy Griffith show...did it? Maybe your Daddy escorted you once too many times to that shed :-(
You've lost light of the article showing respect to a fine entertainer within the industry. My favorite of his was "No Time for Sergeants" from 1958.
Stick to your sleazy style TV shows that are offered in huge staggering amounts on TV of today. If you like Vampires/Cop Shows/and slasher type entertainment...or half wit comedies that have over bearing laugh tracks dubbed in.
Most importantly...when the star of one of these present day TV shows gets in trouble with the law/runs their mouth once too many, as if they are above anyone else within civilization (Charlie Sheen's flop of a show..."Anger Management" anyone?)...then they become more popular then ever before in the eyes of the public, whether the public even cares or not...the media crams it our way.
So be's usually worth ignoring anyway to watch a has-been entertainer lose their morals due to problems they bring upon themselves they can't resolve.
But....."The show must go on" down to The Fishin' Hole!
For Otis:


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