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So Anne, your telling me the restaurant is not to blame for the actions of it's employees... How about you go out and start a business hire a bunch of drug dealers and see how fast you get sued... These restaurant chains hire people all the time with criminal records, and don't give me the "Everyone deserves a second chance speech" there are plenty of educated hard working honest people out there who can't find jobs. No the restaurant manager should be fired too for not keeping watch over their employee's... Hell, the manager was probably getting a cut of the action... As for the CEO of Chick-Fil-A voicing his opinion on gay rights that's fine as the person above stated if someone wants to live their life filled with hatred, and discrimination so be it... but it is more than that this company donates money to lobby for such bills that were passed here just a couple months ago. So don't say it's just his opinion...


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