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what is happening in

what is happening in America, when you cannot even go to the movies and enjoy yourself. Regardless of what the FBI says,this is an act of terrorism. An act like this changes us, makes us loose our innocence. A movie theater is a place of enjoyment, and way to escape to another world for a couple of hours, and now it is marred with bloodshed.

Our country is becoming a war zone, mass shootings, so much death, and no one has any respect for the gift of life and enjoyment of living life and feeling safe. I just cannot fathom what is happening and what can be done to stop it. People no longer have respect for themselves or others. I am scared that America is slowly becoming like the West Bank, and that is no way of life.

I am praying for these victims and families. I hope they find some peace and comfort in whatever spiritual existence they believe in.


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