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I dunno about that

I have thought about this very same thing and came to the conclusion years ago that a truly crazed person would not be deterred by the death penalty. The same holds true for terrorists who believe for whatever reason that death is somehow desirable in accomplishing a goal.
The shooter appears to be "normal" with no outward signs of emotional distress.
So we are dumbfounded by whats happened, again. Columbine was not that long ago. The people of Colorado must be devastated, I know I would be - hell, I don't know what to think of this shooter.
Gun nuts will say the usual things:
"guns don't kill people, people kill people"
"if someone else in the theater had a gun this wouldn't have been so bad"
And of course the gun control advocates are sounding the alarms.
As a gun owner with a CWP I can say in all honesty maybe it is time to look at controlling assault rifles and ammo.
Leave me my sidearm(s), hunting rifle, and shotgun.
I am however contemplating selling them all anyway. I am approaching being "up there" in age, and my family has a history (Mothers side) of Alzheimer's. I know enough right now to know that I could be dangerous later on and have enough sense about me to want take my own PERSONAL action. I don't want to be crazy AND have guns around. This, in itself is the ULTIMATE right - the right to control one's own life. This right trumps the right to bear arms any day.

Best Regards


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