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Obituary for the Megaport at Southport

This is the third time No Port Southport has "claimed" the project dead. Save the Cape takes a more circumspect view. We are not influenced or deceived into declaring victory when there have been "wins". Instead, we've kept about the business of working through the General Assembly where the funding comes from. Save the Cape had a big win this fiscal year with legislation prohibiting any further spending on the megaport this year. But, we never take our success for granted nor do we dance on the grave of the megaport. It ain't done until it's done.

Save the Cape is certainly encouraged by the statements by Pat McCrory and Walter Dalton. When we met with Pat McCrory several weeks back, we sensed he was opposed to this project and left the meeting cheered by his common sense, market driven sensibilities about this project. This has been confirmed by his statement. But, are we declaring the project "dead"? Not by a long shot.

The 600 acres remains, purchased for $30 million with borrowed money, and now valued at $12.7 million. Political winds shift and change and until the land is sold or transferred and zoning changes from heavy industrial to somethinig more benign, Save the Cape will continue to keep its eye on the ball. We'll continue our travels to Raleigh to shore up support against further funding so there are no surprises next year. As much as we would like to declare the project is dead, we know it is not.


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