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Other Opinions Do Matter

Let's say Lanassa is an average Joe. Lanassa is indeed a business owner who wants to "fight" for other small business owners. If that were true, how would you explain the audio and video tape two other artists made during the "pretend" college interview a year and a half ago where Mr. Lanassa verbally bashed every tattoo artist and tattoo establishment in Wilmington, and said they whould be closed down. The real reason, is because there are several good artist in Wilmington, and each deserves fair credit. But that financially impacts Mr. Lanassa so he would not have that. How many times has Mr. Lanassa reported other tattoo studios in Wilmington to the Health Department? That is probably a question left better answered by the county Health Director (Thomas Stitch), but it has been numerous times to different studios. How about Mr. Lanassa's former business associate, friend and companion? I personally do not associate with anyone who has killed someone during a game of Russian Rolutte after bing drinking, but apparently that is Mr. Lanassa's thing. I could go ino more vendictive things such as bumper stickers and emails, but that is not important. Perhaps if anyone should speak, Mr. Lanassa's wife who just recently left him should be interviewed. She would be able to tell much more than I, and confirm what I have said. So, know someone before you vote and especially before you speak of their greatness.


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