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Who are you kidding.

You have a Special Intrest problem with Saffo? Please, if it dosent involve Downtown or Harpers Business believe me Harper isn't interested. He proved that last time around. And this LaNassa guy, he actually stated in the paper that he had never voted in a local election because he did'nt like any of the canidates. So he want's us to instill the honor of public office on him, an unknown, when he can't even bring himself to participate in previous elections. Sounds to me like one night around the local watering hole with his "coasty" buddies someone bet him he would'nt run for Mayor and that they bet a 12 pack that he could'nt get more votes than Ricky. Saffo all the way, not because I'm in bed with him but because he has done more for this City than any previous Mayor or Councilman in the last 10 years. Take it from a City employee Harper is bad business. Remember the whole Katherine Moore era? Talk about a worthless Council.


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