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no sound bites please.

Who is kidding whom? Saffo is all about special interest and it is blatantly obvious. He has no understanding of the facts pertaining to the issues, but don't listen to me listen to the facts. 1. Convention center: They loose money. Don’t believe me do your own homework. Read the Brookings Institute report. The report concluded that they are a failure and a bad investment. In addition, read the prospectus and annual report of any good real estate fund. It will list the holdings of the fund. None of them invest in convention centers because they are a bad investment. So naturally it begs the question who would profit from a convention center. Developers. Who will get stuck paying the bill? Citizens. Example: Baton rouge LA. They went through the same convention center debate several years ago that we are going through now. Their $100 million dollar promise did not pan out. All of the same promises that Saffo is making about the convention center are the same ones that the city leaders made in Baton Rouge. What Happened? It turned out to be a $100 million flop. Who got stuck with the bill? The citizens. 2. Water and Sewer Authority: Do you understand exactly what this means? Do you know who will be in control of the decisions that impact citizens of Wilmington? Unelected officials that are not accountable to the people. Democracy is about the people, all of the people. Not just a select few. 3. What Saffo has done for the city____________________. (Item left blank intentionally.) Lol 4. Nice sound bite accusing Harper Peteson of only caring about Downtown and his business. What are your facts? None... I presume.


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