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Soundbites? Look who's talking

First of all, I support Saffo just like I supported Broadhurst. Not because I'm a developer, or local businessman or banker but because I know he is better person in general than Harper. Let's face it, Harper just isn't a nice guy. I have met him numerous times and he is arrogant, pompass, he looks at you like your less of a human than him.....I could go on and on but I digress. Instead I'll make fun of your ignorant post but simply presenting a few facts. You know what a fact is don't you? I know you Liberals have trouble with facts but hold on, they won't kill you (just your pride). #1 I dont like the idea of a convention center either. I have told Saffo this personally. But did you know that Harper was a supporter of this white elephant before Saffo came along. The Starnews reports " it was Peterson who got the convention center ball rolling when he was mayor by securing the hotel room tax money for the project." Kind of like the rest of those Liberals who voted for the war before they voted against it. #2 Remember Katherine Moore. The corrupt councilwoman who lied and played the race card every chance she got. A very close ally of Harper. You are identified by whom you associate with. #3 Saffo has done more to fix the sewers than any other former or current mayor or council member to date. He has addressed the issue head on and has stated repeatedly that the buck stops with him. Consolidation of water and sewer is the the smartest idea (along with consolidation of all city and county departments) and a positive step forward in fixing this growing and urgent problem. Starnews again cited Harper with the following "cutting the maintenance budget to the sewers and asked why he did that. "I don't know why," Peterson replied. "I guess it was all my fault." Wow , thats not just a fact it's a condemnation by Harper on himself. #4 Growth of downtown. Harper told PPD no to a headquarters building in downtown. Broadhurst opened up talks when he was Mayor and Saffo finalized the deal bringing new jobs to downtown(aka Harper country). Up to 2000 when it's all said and done. It's sad that Harper spent his entire 2 years focusing on his special intrests and Saffo hits a home run. You know, thanks for allowing me to present you with a few facts. As you stated "don't listen to me listen to the facts." Heard enough? and


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