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Not yet….lol I am waiting for facts not editorial Your item #2 I am glad you see the light on the convention center. Yes, I know Harper Peterson supported initially. The market Place changes and due to changes in the market place he no longer supports it. I would hope someone who supports a $50 million project has the intelligence to keep up with market conditions as it pertains to such an expensive investment. My criticism with Mr. Saffo is that he refuses to accept the facts as it pertains to convention centers. The fact Mr. Saffo continues with the project simply shows a lack of judgment with investment decisions with the peoples money. It is the peoples money whether it be the people of Wilmington or the entire state of North Carolina. It is still the peoples money. So his excuse that the money will return to the state is equally as weak. If what he says is true it still is not an excuse to waste money. That just shows an utter disregard for the people. Your item #3 Yes I was there at the debate when Harper made this remark. It was said in obvious jest. The problems that created the sewer damage happened long ago from decades of neglect. What I am concerned with is who offers a better solution to the problem. The intelligent solution is not to hand over control of the cities assets ($400million) to an entity that is beyond the reach of the people. This simply creates another bureaucracy. Maybe you like big government bureaucracies but most people don’t. Another bad decision and utter disregard for the rights of the people. Your item #4 As far as who is a nice guy and who is not. Harper is so I disagree with you with you 100%. I met Mr. Saffo and he is a nice guy too. In fact I would say he is a Gentleman. Great….I care about what decisions they are going to make for the city and ALL the people. So Mr. Saffo is 0 and 2 as indicated above. PPD, I believe a better representation of what happened was that he did not want to give them a tax break. Like you gave Saffo a pass on the convention center I'll pass on this one, as I don’t know too much about this issue. Personally I don’t agree with handouts to multi million dollar corporations. You might, but I don’t. Well that’s it for me….I’m tired. Lol


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