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Chuck we agree on something.
For different reasons but thats OK.
This crime went far beyond football and sports at Penn State but the penalties seem to be more hurtful to the sports program than anything else.
The football players themselves weren't involved. To me taking away THEIR hard earned victories seems misguided. They din't hide the abuse but people much higher up did. I fell like the W/L records should stand for the players.
Yes lose the football scholarships. That means the coaching staff has substandard players so the coaching staff does in fact suffer from poor records.
But now we come to the $60M fine assessed against the university as a whole. I am not sure this is enough of a fine against the administration that hid the abuse THEN gave Paterno a big contract and pension to insure he didn't sully the university's name. $60M is not enough given the propensity for fund raising that some universities have. Any Administrator currently working that was there and part of this should face termination. The punishment should hurt coaches, and administrators and to a lesser extent the University as a whole. The Players who played hard should keep their pride as much as can be kept given the circumstances.
We can't fix those kids that were abused and money awards don't take away the psychological damages they sustained. The pain and suffering these kids went through must've been terrible to endure.
The Unversity should offer ongoing and unlimited counselling to the victims in addition to payouts for the pain and suffering.
This is an epic tragedy for Penn State.........


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