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The NCAA is Worthless

The NCAA just stated that paying players is worse than covering up for and allowing a pedophile to roam free. SMU received the death penalty for 2 years for paying players. Penn State should have gotten at least 1 year per victim. A 10 year suspension of football should have been the minimum. The worst case in history should have received the worst penalty in history. Vacating wins does nothing for the victims, and hurts the players that earned them. The fine means nothing, the boosters will pay that. The reduction is scholarships is significant, but certainly is not enough punishment for the crimes committed. The people that claim it has nothing to do with football are dead wrong. A legendary football coach and the administrators at he highest level not only failed to stop a pedophile, but covered up for him and allowed him to continue to violate small children. There are more victims because of their actions. With the NCAA's failure to give Penn State the death penalty, they have said that paying players is worse than covering up for a sexual predator. The cover up happened to save embarrassment and because of money. I guess the NCAA thought this was a good enough reason not to give out the death penalty.........They just lost what little respect I had for them.


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