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If the Government would

If the Government would deport ALL illegals... that would be absolutely fabulous. I'm sorry but I understand that America is said to be the land of opportunity, but at the same rate, come LEGALLY... so many illegals think that they can come over here, and not change anything about their way of life, and in my personal opinion that is wrong. if you are going to come over here, especially illegally... Learn the language that most American's primarily speak so you don't look so conspicuous. I don't care if it cost's an arm and a leg... the illegals can get out... and why not make him face justice, by letting him go freely, and not deporting him, you're not only are sending a message to many abuse victims... but also you're sending a message to every criminal too, that if you are a P.O.S. and you are illegal, you can get off and get out all too easily, without the threat of being sent back to where you originally came from.


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