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The fact

that everyone keeps saying it will be less than $42M makes me think it won't be THAT much less. This goes along with how long the negotiations have dragged on and the secrecy surrounding this. These are taxpayer funds being used it is not a company to company negotiation. If the city knows what is a number THEY can accept THAT number should be released. If the final number is LOWER, hey, good for everyone.
The land deal may be the hang up. Shoninger has stated publicly he needs to get "at least" $12M for the property. I doubt he'll get that, but he was offered $6M by Trask/Flywheel.
Interesting - but I suspect the mayor doesn't want to say how far below $42 the number will be because it won't be that far below....
But as a taxpayer I'd like to know where "our line in the sand" is.
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