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Lake Waccamaw Shooting and Whiteville High School threat

I agree the shooting that happened Friday night didn't have anything to do with the school. The shooting took place at a gas station at Lake Waccamaw and the person that was targeted and killed was a man (emphases on man) from Chadbourn, not from Lake Waccamaw nor Whiteville, but Chadbourn. The shooter must have known that this man was at the gas station and from what I have heard it sounds like the man knew the shooter was after him. Rumor or not I don't blame the Whiteville High School kids for not showing up for school on Monday. It was dangerous for anyone to be at that school after having such a threat. People are so cruel these days for some reason. People seem to be more violent this day and time than they were in the past. With violent people in the world you are no safer being in your school parking lot during school hours as you are in a store parking lot at night. I don’t think anyone should be afraid to go to school or anywhere for that matter. I do pray though that everyone gets to know Jesus Christ so that they can experience life to the fullest. God bless everyone and remember God does love you!!!!


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