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Those that can't drink with moderation pay the price!

It isn't illegal to drink and drive, it is illegal to get DRUNK and drive. The average person with average body weight can have a couple of cocktails, a balanced meal over an hour and a half or so and not be impaired to drive home. Just because a restaurant serves alcohol, it isn't prividing permission to slam down 6 harvey-wallbangers, snack on pretzels and attempt to drive home. Nobody at the baseball stadium will tell you that you can guzzle 10 beers, watch the game and drive home afterwards. Restaurants and Ballgames are not in the adult baby-sitting business!!!
This is all about personal accountability, recognition of the law, your personal safety. I'm having a hard time understanding your concept that due to your own lack of self control, you blame DWI arrests on a government conspiracy to generate revenue. Okay, I'll play your elementary game. Let me ask you: If you KNOW the government is wringing money out of your pocket with this DWI conspiracy, then why do you allow them to do that to you? You DO have choices, right? No...wait...the governement is also exercising mind control on you to boost the DWI conspiracy. Now I get it....


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