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No charges YET!

No charges have been filed b/c at this time the police cannot definitively say who exactly punched Flinn. There were over a dozen young men involved in the fight. Most of them had been drinking heavily. It was very dark outside. As you can imagine, there are several conflicting stories. When and if the police can determine exactly who caused the death, they will file charges. The police are doing the best job possible. Also, you seem to think that someone just walked up and sucker punched this young man. That was NOT the case. As I mentioned above, close to a dozen people were fighting. Flinn clearly made a choice to be involved in that fight. If you want to be outraged, but outraged at the underage young men (if you can call them men) who made the choice to drink heavily and get into a fight. No one twisted their arms. This was their choice. The blame for this death falls squarely upon these young men and whoever hosted the party and supplied the alcohol.


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