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I can't believe you posted this things comments on here.This is total stupidity and just down right nasty hate. How can you allow even for them to post a website that they will use to try to recruit others things like themselves? As for these "haters", your mothers and fathers must be really proud for raising a nasty world hater like yourself. This is a threat against your own kind what is wrong with you? Whoever killed this young man does need to pay for their crime I agree, but to put this off on all of us is just down right hate. Why the police haven't arrested anyone yet is baffling yes but I am sure there will be an arrest made. If not, then this young man had an injustice done to his memory and I pray for his whole family in the lose of a child. May God Bless him and keep him safe. As for the news shame on all of you on here who posted these haters comments. I wonder if you believe in what this thing on here wrote yourselves. I am ashamed to even check anymore posting on this website.


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