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Grow a brain and get your facts straight

As a person who saw this go down with my own eyes, I can tell you that there were only 3 black men, not the 6 you claim. The party had about 20 whites, and while only 2 whites may have started the fight, at least a dozen jumped in. Don't try to make it sound like a mob of blacks jumped a couple of little white boys. If you want to make a point, try doing it without lies. You also ignore the fact that every single person (including WHITES) involved in the fight shares responsibility for the death and injuries. Every single person (including WHITES) had the option to be the bigger person and walk away. This includes Flinn. I suspect that the toxicology will show that Flinn was intoxicated (while underage) which means he, and all the other drunks, were not using their best judgement. All of these things contributed to the unfortunate outcome. So yes, the fight was between blacks and whites, and as such, responsibility has to be shared.


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