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stealing from patients

I am glad they caught this woman for doing that. My uncle was in Brunswick Cove in Leland. He has suffered tremedously this past year with a stroke and then a horrible car wreck which caused him to not be able to ever walk again,& some brain damage among numerous other health problems. My uncle had $400 cash in his room to use for personal items and it was stolen by an employee of Brunswick Cove as noone else entered the room except employess the night he had the money. He had left the nursing home, obtained the cash and returned to the home with my cousin. After my cousin left my uncle went to bed for the night and when he woke up the next morning it was gone from his nightstand beside the bed. We informed management and was told there was nothing they could do. Since this incedent we have had him moved to a different nursing home. I wish I knew who stole that money from him. Thats a classless detestable thing to do is to steal from someone who has had such awful things happen to them and is already devastated and crushed and depressed because of the state or condition of their life. That was all the money my uncle had to his name. he has nothing now. Sad someone could steal from him. He is pitiful and it breaks my heart. I hope whoever stole his money gets whats coming to them. I believe everything a person does in darkness will be revealed in the light and someday this person who was trusted to care for him and instead betrayed him and stole everything he had left will be held accountable. Shame on this woman, lock her up. Let her go sit up in Raliegh for a while in ncciw. Steal from people like that. In some other countries they will chop your hand off for stealing. America is lucky we dont have it like that. Or are we? Bet their crime rate is nothing like ours. Lock this woman up!!!!!!


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