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Like the passing of the

Like the passing of the ammendment was a surprise to anyone...North Carolina had to have the federal government force them to begin treating African-Americans as more than sub-humans...this state, and region, has a history of bigotry and hatred towards anyone that doesn't agree to the backward thinking lifestyle they choose to live. Doesn't matter if you are from a northern state, are a different color of skin, your first language is not English(lets be real...i have heard many foreigners speak English better than many living in the southeast), or live a lifestyle not in line with the fairy tales in the oh-holiest of books. Until the government determines that the ammendment is unconstitutional, because it infringes on individuals rights to live their lives how they want to(as it doesn't affect others lives, just their OPINIONS), this state and its close-minded inhabitants will continue to spew hatred and attempt to take all of us back to Mayberry...ohhh boy!


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