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Quotes and Responses

-- “America is betraying and violating our separation of state from church," said protester Larry Center.” [Larry, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you have that one backwards. Don’t worry, you’re not alone]

-- "We are advocating change of the preamble, repealing of Amendment One" [Advocate all you want. That's your prerogative in a Democracy. That's the same prerogative the majority of voters chose to exercise when they voted FOR Amendment One]

"essentially any other civil rights related issue that is relevant to separation of church and state," said Sam West, the protest organizer." [What Sam means is that people who go to church shouldn’t have a right to vote on social issues based on their opinions just like he does. Uh Sam, not going to happen. EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO VOTE. That's called democracy.]

-- "It's pretty disturbing how they have a sign saying 'God hates you' because I'm religious," said spectator Quentin Asche" [Hey Quentin, your getting all disturbed for nothing. Why would you let someone WHO DOESN'T BELIEVE IN GOD tell you what God thinks concerning you. When you think about it, that's kind of silly.]

-- "For others they just simply wanted to share that not everyone has religious views." [Silly little protester; that IS a view on religion.]

-- "I think that a group of people like this, coming out on a Sunday in the late summer, is a very powerful statement," said protester Ed Tilley. [Gee Ed; hate to bust your bubble but probably not. A powerful statement would be something like THE MAJORITY OF VOTERS VOTING IN FAVOR OF AMENDMENT ONE]

-- “Organizers say depending on the interest following this event they may eventually do another march” [I’m sure the majority of voters support your right to an orderly protest whenever you feel so inclined. Of course, in the interest of fairness, we do expect you to respect the rights of the majority of voters to vote as THEY see fit to vote, not as YOU think they should have voted]


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