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Oh please...

I'll take pot shots at amateur boy all day long. Fact of the matter is, I know (and have worked) with many in state and federal law enforcement. I have received phone calls from his kind...claiming all sorts of widespread local corruption and the like. I have watched him work and threaten, up close and personal (saying he was late to a meeting because he was on the phone talking to the feds about local corruption). It's really Greek theater (comedy & tragedy, for you kool-aid drinkers).

The last election, for Brian, like a lot others in the right place at the right time, was when the electorate was severely pissed off. Practically any fish coulda (and did) win an election. All you had to do was breath bubbles and spew the popular bait (trolling for Ben, Josh, and tattoo boy!)

I have met/discussed with him (in his commissioner capacity) about my opinions of local unethical political practices, but at the same time observed his crazy-eye wander around the room as he pontificated about all the local x-file conspiracies.

He may have an education...but so did the guy out in Colorado that killed twelve. I am not making a direct inference here...what I am saying is that Brian talks/sounds like an educated the large number of idiots that elected him.

He is one and done. He should have resigned along time ago. He has no honor.

"I say that boy is about as sharp as a bowling ball!" - Foghorn Leghorn


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