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Professional cooks regularly put their hands in ovens and broilers with temps in excess of 500 degrees. If you had been in one of those kitchens,you would have found zero handless cooks. As long as hands are clean and dry you're OK. Moisture-filled, slippery, thin gloves could be a problem.

Gloves or no gloves, touching the wrong thing creates an unsanitary condition. It would make more sense for servers to wear gloves. They handle both food and money.

Sneezing on the food? You think that's normal behaviour? Really? What does that have to do with gloves anyway?

Restaurants with scores in the high 90's to 100's (like this one) do not have a disdain for basic sanitary practice. If they did, their scores would be lower. Restaurants are in business to make a profit. If customers get food poisoning they don't come back. No customers equals no profit.

That thing you called a "paddle" is actually called a "piel".

You may have worked in a restaurant but you were never a professional cook. Your lack of basic kitchen knowledge is obvious. Based on that I would have to guess that you probably do not know what goes on in the kitchens of the best. In those types of formal kitchens, non-cooking personnel are never allowed in the cooking area or what food pros call "behind the line". They are restricted exclusively to the food pick up area.


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