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You ALWAYS do better to get a not-for-profit care home. If you are old enough to remember, back in the 50's and 60's, different religions ran the hospitals and nursing homes (this is part of the reason why churches are tax-exempt) and the care at their institutions was excellent. Now, while hospitals are still called "Baptist", "St. Marys", if you look up the owners you will find that almost all of them are owned by for-profit corporations. For-profit institutions have one goal.......MAKING THE BIGGEST PROFIT THEY CAN WITH THE LEAST EXPENDATURES.
This means hiring the cheapest staff they can find, the minimum of employees they can get away with, the cheapest food they can buy, etc.
Some people are concerned that the elderly may be euthanized. I'm 65 and I'd much rather be euthanized at home than be sent to a nursing home or long term rehab.


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