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im sure in abought 5 more years there will be a need for the office to be 24 hours.but we all know that this place is a ghost town after dark.but the growth of the people is booming for real. and if you need some one after 6:00 pm call 911. im sure they will help you. as for mr king I know him well. I find him to be a fare man. and a great officer. He dose his job.they all do a great job. allthough i was mad at ronalds son.for treating me like dirt when i went to see his father.for some help. my father had just died feb. 15 2007 my grandmother was on her death bed.and her son was robbing her blind.and now she is dead to. I whent to ronald to see what i could do. and his son told me to get off their land. wouldnt hear what i had to say.said he would give me 3 seconds or else.people dont have to be such an ass abought things. ive been friends with ronald sence high school.he to has all ways been a fare person. and a hard worker. so what if he likes the camra. big deal. but he should have taught his son some manners. he is nothen like his much of a hot head.keep an eye on that one. but as fare as i can remember. ronald would never do any thing dishounest. that one has allways been true blue. i cant speak for his fellow officers because i dont know them.and im sure he does the best he can at screaning them. but just like every where else in this world their are crooked cops. there is nothen new abought that.


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