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Vote with your pocketbook

My wife and I do not approve of the Red Star newspaper , so we show our disapproval by not purchasing the product. Since I disapprove , I do not call for the Red Star to be silenced , such as the LGBT community's desire to silence Chik-Fil-A. Liberals are always the aggressors with all their movements. The Occutard's vandalism and violence that was on display for the nation to see was praised by the media as their freedom of expression. Whereas the chronically lying Brian Ross of ABC News failed attempt to tie in the Tea Party with the movie massacre exposed the media's bias towards conservatism. The market forces determine the successes of companies not politicians , with people voting with their pocketbook. I added to Chik-Fil-A's prosperity today by visiting their restaurant twice. I was happy to do so and will be returning for many more chicken sandwiches.


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