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Mr. Cathy

This is to all the gays out there...I have met Mr Cathy, he and his restaurants is one of the finest in the nation. He is one of the only men that I have heard of that will take a stand for what he believes in and his Christian beliefs. For the past few years the gays and lesbians have been trying to shove it down our throats. That is wrong! It is forced in our faces all the time. But we are just supposed to accept it. Our founding fathers of this great country we live in would roll over in their graves if they knew what was going on. This great country of ours was founded on Christian beliefs. THE BIBLE SAYS A MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. IF YOU CHANGE WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS YOU HAVE A ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL. SO TO ALL YOU GAYS AND LESBIANS WATCH OUT BECAUSE YOU ARE IN THE WRONG. SO WITH ALL THAT SAID, THANK YOU MR. CATHY FOR TAKING A STAND...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND THE NORMAL AMERICANS WILL SUPPORT YOU!


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