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To the LGBT Community

"For any one from the LGBT community, it would be hard for us to go out and spend money with a corporation is donating that money to organizations that promote hate," Wilmington Pride's Ryan Burris said.

It's NOT about "promoting hate"...
This is about ONE MANS Religious Beliefs and FIRST ADMENDMENT SPEECH!
When you have several Mayor's (such as $hitcago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel) working to DENY the business to operate in a City(s), Philly et al, because of your speech/Faith, using the .GOV to do, or FORCE everyone else to your "views", or DENY COMMERCE It's just WRONG..
Especially when, Rahm Emanuel invites a known Marxist/Muslim, ( Louis Farrakhan) ...that Supports KILLING the LGBT Community,through HIS beliefs, (Muslim), Move up there with them, you Progressives... Be led into the Oven(s) & Gas Chamber(s)....
NOTE, you Progressives, every time you buy GAS, your supporting Muslim Countries that would be happy to STONE YOU to death.... For being a *LGBT*...
meanwhile, I'm eaten MO Chicken...


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