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You can't handle it

You’re so twisted around inside of your politically correct head YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE OBVIOUS even when it's right in front of your face.

A man and his company exercise their First Amendment rights and speak up AND YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT because it's not what YOU wanted to hear.

Chick-fil-a didn't play anyone. An overwhelming majority of our society has decided to no longer get played by a few anti-First Amendment individuals AND YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT.

Voters exercised their right to vote to choose as they saw fit and YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT and say they have to educate themselves.

A true majority did decide the election AND YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT and say instead it wasn't true even though it happened right in front of you.

What you’re experiencing is called backlash. You thought you could publicly demean others just because they had an opinion different than yours. You were wrong. You thought that those other than yourself didn't have the same First Amendment rights afforded to you by our democratic society. You were wrong. You mistakenly mistook political politeness for weakness. You were wrong and now YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT. Don't like it? Too bad. Your strident, politically correct nastiness has gone too far.

People are flocking into Chick-fil-A. They're telling you that you have a right to your opinion but not the right to get what you want simply because you want it. All of this could have been avoided if you had simply been decent enough to acknowledge that everyone has the right to their own opinion in our society. You could have agreed to disagree but YOU COULDN'T HANDLE IT and lashed out with a temper tantrum instead. That kind of behaviour used to get you what you wanted. Those days might be over. Now you're stuck with having to pretend it's not even happening.

How's that working out for you? I’m guessing not too well because YOU’RE NOT CAPABLE OF HANDLING IT.


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