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It is utterly pathetic that we as a people have stooped to such moronic lows. The LGBT community wants the same rights traditional families have, as they should in a country with freedom of speech, and freedom of religion prevails no law should be made on the basis of one religions ideals. With that said Mr. Cathy is a religious man who happens to run a private company which he and his family have instilled a christian business model to run Chick-Fil-A. He has every right to his ideals and convictions as it pertains to God the Bible, and so on. What Christians need to understand is that everyone doesn't share their viewpoint on "God", Afterlife, etc. and that this country was founded in a manner where people can practice their personal beliefs away from persecution. Recently some factions of the Christian Church has basically waged a war on the LGBT community by holding gay couples to christian standards by lobbying for same sex marriage laws. Many states have adopted these laws including NC based on one religions fear of what the world might become if this act of marriage is tolerated.

It is time for Liberty and Justice for ALL. It is time to stop this judgmental approach by the Christian faith that it's their way or the highway. It's time for everyone to stop what they are doing and realize we live in AMERICA. You shouldn't have to prove your commitment to your faith by purchasing a Chicken Sandwich. And many of the comments listed on this blog really show how the members of the Christian faith really represents themselves... Your not the only religion in this country, and everyone isn't held to your standard. Food for thought.


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