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Our great country was 1st

Our great country was 1st founded on tolerance and acceptance. The founding fathers established "American Rights", with those virtues in mind. The did not set up our country on purely Christin beliefs, because if my memory serves me correctly, Christians at the time were persecuting other Christians because they differed on what the bible was telling them. They set up our government up in a way that will protect EVERYONE's beliefs and values systems.

Mr. Cathy has the right to express his opinion and so do you and so does the gay community. That is what makes our country great and our founding fathers would be proud of that. Protection of freedom of speech is useless if it only protects accepted speech. Christians and gays need to stop trying to force people to believe the way they do, you can express your opinions, but that is all that they are. I really do not care what you believe and who you sleep with as long as you do not force your way of life on me, or hurt innocents in the process. You treat me with respect and I will do the same. Just quite telling me Christianity is the only way, or that gay is the way to go.

Everyone seems to be so polarized, in order to live peacefully, where everyone is accepted and tolerated there needs to be some middle ground.


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