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What I can't get over is how

What I can't get over is how off track and stupid this whole thing got in the first place. The Chick Fil A CEO position has been consistent as long as Chick Fil A has been around. Further no one has called for "hate" against gay people. Not one time have I ever heard Truett Cathy call for gay people to be ridiculed, persecuted or otherwise unwelcome at his restaurants or in his employ. Not believing in gay marriage is not "hate" any more than wanting nativities removed from public buildings or prayer out of school is "hate" speech against Christians. Calling Christian people and business names like "bigot" or screaming about intolerance is no different than having people call gay people "perverts" or "queer". We have a right to have differences in opinion in this country. I'm certain Chick Fil A has plenty of gay employees and I'll even bet a few gay franchise owners. Meanwhile where are the boycotts against companies like WalMart, Sams Club, Urban Outfitters (who sold anti Prop 8 tshirts then used their profits to fund organizations working to get it passed), InNOut Burger, Forever21, etc who have given money to the same causes and their leadership has expressed the same opinions? Heck, Barack Obama was against gay marriage until about 3 months ago. Were you picketing the White House too?! Was he hateful and now isn't? Exxon took OUT the clause in their employee policy that protected people from being discriminated against based on sexual preference and despite several attempts by shareholders to put it back in over the years, the leadership has refused. The CEO of Marriott hotels personally gave $300K last year to "pray the gay away" organizations. EHarmony does not allow homosexual matches. They have a sister site specifically for it that was created when there was some uproar about it but they certainly don't advertise it in the mainstream. I guess it's ok to hide gay people in the back of the bus as long as you don't speak about gay marriage in a spiritual magazine? Where are the boycotts?!

Educate yourself before you go screaming about bigotry and "hate sandwiches". Stop being stooges of a media created hubbub. Ask yourself that if all of this has been going on all of this time, why this company and why now? I know plenty of people who went to Chick Fil A yesterday not because they agree with them but because in this country you have a RIGHT to speak your opinion and calling for govt intervention for having an opinion (such as keeping them from opening new stores, etc) is no different than the other side asking for govt intervention and gay marriage to be banned.It's comical because you can go ahead and stop them from opening in your city and they will just open somewhere else and pay tax revenues and payroll somewhere that understands what the constitution is about. Ooh, please don't throw them in that briar patch! :rolls eyes:

So don't go there anymore if you don't agree with their politics but have the courage to be consistent and stop going to Walmart, Exxon, etc and at least be consistent. The other side will do the same thing. That's one of the last few great things about America. We all have a right to our opinion and other private citizens have the right to vote with their almighty dollars.


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