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I know you weren't quite the target profile I was posting to but a couple of things in it just gave me enough of a target to do my post as a response..........And it was near the top :-)

I'm sure you could see from the post who my actual target group is. Watching an honest man with an honest opinion, he had every right to have, become vilified unjustifiably by a small minority of extremists has been the last straw for many. Many, myself included, are also speaking out on the latest twistings occurring with the First Amendment. All voters have a right to vote their opinion, not just extreme liberals. That includeds people who go to church. This, by the way, has always been a civil rather than a religious issue for me even though I have my own religious perspective.

Kinda thought your comment on "educate" and "majority to decide" dealt with the recent NC Amendment One vote. If that's what you meant, I agree to disagree with you. If not, maybe yes or maybe no. My definition of a true majority in an election are those who vote, not just give an opinon. Referring to NC Amendment One, the "majority" voted.


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